Elegant Portable Toilets for Weddings


Some events just call for something a little more special – allow us to introduce you to our elegant portable toilets for weddings! Do not let the name fool you; this unit can be used as much more than just a wedding porta potty. This lovely white portable toilet will add a touch of sophistication to any party! Whether you are hosting a graduation, retirement party, baby shower, or birthday party, the options are endless.

These portable toilets are quite spacious inside measuring 91” tall and 47” wide allowing accommodation for even your tallest guests. Each unit is equipped with toilet seat covers, a non-splash urinal, and an internal hands-free wash station! We know your guests will always want to look their best which is why these units also include a mirror on the door of the unit.

Partying into the evening? Not to worry! This elite wedding porta potty also has an internal solar light to keep the party going long after the sun goes down!

• Internal foot pump operated hand washing sink
• Spacious interior
• Toilet seat covers
• Non-Splash urinal
• Occupancy signal latch
• Door mirror- to make sure your guests are looking their best
• Internal solar light (when that party keeps going long after the sun has gone down!)

Unit Specifications
• Height: 91”
• Width: 47”
• Tank volume: 60 gallons

two wedding portable restroom units
interior of wedding portable toilet
washing area in the interior of a wedding portable toilet