Why you need a luxury portable restroom at your event

When it comes to hosting a special event, every detail matters, including the restroom facilities provided to your guests. While standard portable restrooms serve their purpose, opting for a luxury portable restroom can take your event to the next level. Creating a memorable and upscale atmosphere Luxury portable restrooms are designed to exude elegance and… Read more »

The role of portable toilets for disaster relief

truck in front of a row of construction units during fire

During times of natural disasters and emergencies, providing basic necessities such as shelter, food, and clean water becomes crucial. Among these, access to proper sanitation facilities is often overlooked but remains an essential requirement. Portable toilets for disaster relief efforts are critical, ensuring hygiene, privacy, and dignity for affected communities. At Johnny on the Spot,… Read more »

5 Questions to ask when renting portable toilets

Renting portable toilets for your event or project is an important decision that ensures the comfort and hygiene of your guests or workers. To make an informed choice, it’s crucial to ask the right questions. In this blog post, we will discuss the top five questions you should ask when renting portable toilets, helping you… Read more »

The environmental benefits of portable toilets

blue portable toilet in forest area

Environmental sustainability has become of utmost importance in recent years and will remain that way into the foreseeable future. So, finding eco-friendly solutions to the various aspects of our lives is imperative. Did you know that portable toilets are an eco-friendly restroom solution and have many environmental benefits? So, if you’re looking for eco friendly… Read more »

The importance of ADA compliant portable toilets

ADA compliant portable toilets

Accessible facilities are vital in ensuring equal participation and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. ADA compliant portable toilets play a significant role in providing convenient restroom solutions. Let’s discuss the importance of ADA compliant facilities and the positive impact they have on promoting accessibility and inclusivity in various settings.  Equal access for all  One of… Read more »

How do porta potties work?

By now, most of us have seen a porta potty or used one. We’ve seen them at events and on construction sites. We realize most people might not think about how porta potties work, or maybe they don’t want to know — we get it! Most of us just use them and go on our… Read more »

Where you might need long-term portable toilets 

At Johnny on the Spot, we offer a range of portable toilet rentals for any event, such as weddings, parties, and more. While many think of portable toilet rentals for one-off events, they are also well-suited for long-term needs. Long-term portable toilets are great for high-peak seasons, public outdoor areas, festivals, and more! Long-term portable… Read more »

The benefits of temporary fencing with JOTS 

fence with banner that reads johnny on the spot fencing

When it comes to our temporary fencing, we provide top-quality products and the best service. Our 6ft tall fencing panels are made of durable steel, and we have a team of experts ready to install them properly.