Porta potty rentals for construction sites—everything you need to know

porta potty rentals for construction sites

No matter the job, everyone needs access to clean restrooms. Job sites are no different! Whether it’s a construction site, landscaping project, or agricultural work, the site crew needs accessible restrooms. Porta potty rentals for construction sites and other job sites are the perfect solution!

At Johnny on the Spot, we offer a range of spacious, durable porta potty rentals that get the job done so your crew can get their jobs done.

How many porta potty rentals do you need for your construction site?

One of the most important factors that goes into porta potty rentals for construction sites is the number of units needed for the crew. It’s absolutely essential to provide the appropriate amount of restrooms. In fact, certain laws must be followed regarding restrooms at construction sites. 

According to the Department of Industrial Relations, you need one portable toilet for every 20 employees.

So, you want to be sure you have enough porta potty rentals for your job site. If you’re unsure how many you need for your site, check out our estimate calculator or give us a call.

What kind of porta potty rentals are right for your site? 

At Johnny on the Spot, we have various options for porta potty rentals for construction sites. No matter the industry, we have the perfect units for your needs.

Standard construction units

Our standard construction units are the perfect porta potty rentals for any job site. These units are durable and get the job done. They feature anti-slip floors, ventilation, and a holding tank capacity of 60 gallons. 

Our standard construction units feature: 

  • Urinal
  • 3-roll toilet paper holders 
  • Foam hand sanitizer 
  • Lockable

Towable trailer restrooms

Many industries, such as construction, landscaping, and agriculture, are always on the go. In these cases, we have the perfect solution. Our towable restrooms offer the convenience and durability needed for any site. These units feature anti-slip floors and ventilation, which are excellent for busy sites. 

With these units, we have a mounted sink option that includes paper towels, a soap dispenser, and a waste receptacle, which are great for Cal/OSHA standards and compliance. 

Our towable trailer restrooms feature: 

  • 60-gallon waste tank
  • Urinal
  • 3-roll toilet paper holders
  • Antibacterial foam hand sanitizer 
  • Lockable

Double portable restroom trailer

Our double portable restroom trailer is the best option for larger job sites and crews. These units offer twice the space and also allow you to designate male and female units. We have decals upon request. 

Our double portable restroom trailers feature: 

  • Two toilets
  • 55 and 20-gallon externally mounted hand washing station
  • 3 rolls of toilet paper per unit 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lockable

The extras

Beyond the porta potty rentals themselves, we have everything you need to accompany the units, allowing you to get the most out of your rental experience. 

  • Holding tanks – great for long-term, off-grid sites 
  • Containment trays – cover the base of the unit—great for environmental compliance
  • Wash station – the perfect hands-free washing station for your team!

Call us today!

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