Where you might need long-term portable toilets 

At Johnny on the Spot, we offer a range of portable toilet rentals for any event, such as weddings, parties, and more. While many think of portable toilet rentals for one-off events, they are also well-suited for long-term needs. Long-term portable toilets are great for high-peak seasons, public outdoor areas, festivals, and more! Long-term portable toilets can be rented for extended periods of time — for weeks or even months! 

Regardless of the space, we have just the long-term toilet rentals to meet your needs. Here are just a few of the instances where long-term portable toilets are a great option. 

Public and national parks 

Long-term toilet rentals are perfect for public and national parks, especially during peak seasons. In the spring and summer months, many people venture outside to partake in various activities such as hiking, outdoor sports, walking or jogging, and more. Outdoor sports parks are another spot where long-term portable toilets are necessary.

No matter the place, it’s always good to have restrooms available in outdoor spaces. Nothing ruins the fun quicker than not having restroom access outdoors! Our team provides clean, well-maintained restrooms so everyone can enjoy their time outside. 

Golf courses 

Another venue perfect for long-term toilet rentals is golf courses. Golf courses get quite busy during the summer months, and accessible restrooms are absolutely necessary. Avid golfers and enthusiasts alike would surely appreciate conveniently located restrooms throughout the course, as opposed to walking or driving a cart back and forth to use the restrooms. It’s key to have portable toilets located throughout the course and plenty of them. 

Outdoor festivals and other events

Sometimes, long-term portable toilets are needed for an event that might take place over the course of a week or two, like a carnival or summer festival. Again, having accessible restrooms is super important for these events. When people attend a carnival or outdoor event, no one wants to worry about having a clean restroom available. Imagine hosting an event where people must leave early because there are no restrooms — that’s not a good look! We provide clean, well-maintained restrooms that will meet everyone’s needs.

Construction sites 

In most cases, construction projects last months at a time, which means long-term portable toilets are an absolute must! Also, it’s legally required to have available restrooms for workers. Our construction units are sturdy and perfect for the hustle and bustle of a construction site. You can expect excellent, clean, well-maintained restrooms from our excellent team. 

Our portable toilets

When looking for long-term toilet rentals, we have everything you need. Our event rentals are perfect for long-term use and are never used on construction sites, so you can rest assured you’re getting nice, clean units. We also have ADA-compliant restrooms available! Not only that, we also offer portable wash stations for people to clean up and wash their hands after using our portable toilets. We have everything you need to offer the best experience.

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